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I just want to go home, to  place filled with love family and friends that provides security love and acceptance. i can’t find that place because it doesn’t exist, or it never has for me. I was raised with a family filled with dysfunction and jealousy and hate , A family torn to shreds because they were not raised with love encouragement and acceptance. I cry each day for what could if been but never was and can never be feasible, I tried to provide love acceptance and encouragement stability to my own children to provide them with every opportunity and to instill every positive reinforcement  and encouragemnt for them. But despite all my efforts were futile with the devastating death of my first child and the loss of my 4 and half-year old daughter ripped from my arms only to be hidden by vengeful people for years, Though she searched for me when she was 18 she was filled with anger hate and resentment as she had been taught to hate me and to believe lies about me. I tried in life, I graduated college and pursued my dream of being  television News reporter with much success but some negative decisions to to pursue and find love and make a family backfire as I chose the same man that acted just like my mother , A woman that never demonstrated love and never was on your side and who only wanted to put me down as a loser and worthless human being, i dreamed of love and family and closeness and people that support each other unconditionally, I married a man that was just like my mom, abusive, he degraded me called me a wothless cunt and made me feel ugly and useless , He also resorted to physical violence and intimidation, he destroyed my life, along with my narcissist sister, truly a sociopath that worked together to destroy the amazing bond and relationship I experienced with my baby girl Brianna. Hate and evil overcome love. i was filled with love so deep and intense with my daughter, Brianna , a bond that seemed unbreakable. Her needs were always my priority and I loved and protected her with my life, But she was ripped from my loving arms with the help and lies of a crazy bi polar schizophrenic ex husband and the most evil narcissist sociopath, my sister They plotted and worked tirelessly to get my child taken away from me. Diana wanted to take her from me, for her own sick agenda and it backfired and she was sent to a father who had not seen her or been a part of her life since she was an infant. At almost five she was sent to live with her bilologicl dad a man that had not seen her in 4 yrs and never paid a dime for child support, And sent to a step mother that hated me and used my child for her own agenda against me, They hid her from me despite the fact that my parental rights were still in full effect. I made attempts to see her they refused and would move so I coud not find them to assert my rights. the pin lingers n fr years it nver ends, I grieve her as much  i grieve the child of mine that died. Now my ex husband re writes history and make up false stories to make him be perceived as the victim and hero, He  was extremely abususive throwing a chair that hit his 3 year old daughter, Cherish, He pee on my bed, broke all my belongings on a regular basis. he called me a worthless cunt and looser everyday, He  became physicaly violent at times, one time punching the crap out of me another time kicking me very hard in the face leaving major bruises n my face. I moved away from him and the coutrs issued many retring order md he was arreste 15 times for domestic violence but now he uses the internet to attack me and defame my character with writing completely fictitious  stories about me and my kids,,all lies, slander as his way of seeking revenge upon me, Brianna found me when she was eighteen but was filled with anger resentment and had been filed with lies and fallacies about me, She accepted my money and gifts and photos of her life with me then cut me off claiming i had not changed, yet she never even saw me in person only judged by what her family, step mom nd dad lied about me she never questions their facts, She will get married Saturday and I wont go becuse she didn’t invite me and refused to her invite her two siblings that I raised alone and who love me and are greatly bonded with me. She can’t deal with them because they have the facts that I was a really good mom and she refuses to hear that. Besides her step mom and dad tell her they will cut her out of their family if she pursues a relationship with me and her siblings. Life is unfair and cruel

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Tara O’Grady News Reporter KTVN

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Tara O’Grady KTVN

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“The Sequester” Is the Impact Inevitable?


It is finally realized no longer a looming threat hanging over the country but a reality. The countdown reached its pinnacle, the fear of a major impact is now possibly a devastating reality. After weeks of negotiations, Congress and the President were unable to come to any compromise and pass any legislation. The final point of contention that stalled negotiations was closing loopholes as a source of revenue. What is a loop hole if it isn’t an exception to a rule that is either intentionally inserted or unintentionally inserted into a bill that allows a select group to avoid a consequence others must face. Assuming the concept, “equal justice under the law” still has merit, why wouldn’t Congress want to close unintended loopholes that favor one group over another while denying needed revenue to fund government? If it is an intentional loophole, why do some argue so vociferously in defense of discriminatory practices in the tax code? These exemptions for a few creates more unnecessary disparity between elite wealthy individuals and the masses.

The sequester has come to fruition. So what is the true impact of these 85 billion dollar in cuts? Are the consequences as dire as as the pundits have claimed, a virtual doomsday. Will it change the average American’s life? Since the major economic collapse of 08, the wall street debacle and the housing bubble burst that left homeowners reeling in dismay we sunk into a deep recession. Just as we began to feel hopeful and gain confidence in future prospects with a slow but steadily recovering economy an idle, stubborn and apathetic Republican controlled House of Representatives sank us into another crisis. Our economy was not experiencing a robust recovery but it was improving. The sequester could change everything, eventually leading to an even deeper recession. Tea Party Republicans allowed their need to please their donors and lobbyists to take precedence over the needs and wishes of their constituents.

The American People have become acclimated to such displays of repeated bickering, partisanship, politics, inaction, and just a complete indifference to their obligation to this country and its people. The public has endured one fiscal or economic-related nightmare after another. The extended debate over federal stimulus, banking and auto bailouts, wall street corruption repeated short-term funding, constant threats of government shutdowns, debt-ceiling fights, and battles over budgets, taxes, revenue culminating in a fiscal cliff showdown. These spectacles of ranker nave shattered the faith of the American people in its government.

 The automatic cuts are massive and arbitrary, the 85 billions of dollars set to be slashed will be phased in over an extended period of time, delaying the complete impact on the economy. The eventual predicted impact of the spending cuts could be much more dramatic and detrimental in the future than previously determined. Specific effects could include, flight delays, limited hours at national parks, longer wait times at border crossings, furloughs of Pentagon employees and civilian workers at several other agencies. There could be downsizing and elimination of key programs in science, research, health, education, food & drug safety, environment and defense.

It will induce a huge government slowdown and since government is forty percent of our Gross domestic Product (GPD), it will instigate a trickle down effect that slows down production, expenditures and creates uncertainty at Wall Street and among consumers.

 Despite all my predictions of doom and gloom there remains a ray of hope. If future negotiations can render and enact legislation to deal with our economic and fiscal issues we may not have to endure the full repercussions of “The Sequester” On a more pessimistic note if this Congress continues with its history of demonstrating unyielding, exacting, inflexible, inoperable and slacker behaviors the future will remain dim.

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The Great Divide By: Tara O’Grady

The Great Divide By: Tara O’Grady.

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The Great Divide By: Tara O’Grady

After the winners sweep up the confetti and the losers lick their wounds the real challenges are brought to the forefront. Election day has come and gone,  the polls have closed, the results are in, the political ads have ceased, the political pundits quieted and  Karl Rove remains in denial. 

The country is greatly divided with  a Democratic President, a Democratic controlled Senate and a Republican controlled House of Representatives.  Or in other words the status quo, a repeat of the past four years.  The balance of powers has been divided similarly in the past,yet were still able to accomplish legislation for the greater common good.  The difficulty lies in the dramatic  shift in the Republican Party itself.  Compromise does not exist within the Tea Party wing of the party.  The Tea Party Republicans are controlling, uncompromising and unyielding,  Those members do not adhere to their constituents but to a political machines and to powerful lobbyists such as, Grover Norquist, who demands blind allegiance. 
 232 of the 246  Republicans House members signed the 2011 tax pledge to never raise any taxes without exception, particularly on the rich and big business.  Norquist has received funding from many of America’s wealthiest corporations, including Phillip Morris, Exon, Microsoft and the Pfizer.. Grover Norquist cemented his influence by forging an alliance with Karl Rove and receiving financial backing from the Koch Brothers.  If any of those members break their pledge they are keenly aware of the consequences; death to their political futures.  Norquist  and his cronies will spend unlimited funds and use their political influence to assure their demise.  Norquist’s anti-tax pledge was directly responsible for the summer of 2011’s debt ceiling crisis that wrecked the nations credit rating by leading the nation to the brink of default.
If the gridlock is sustained by a congress unwilling to even begin a viable dialogue with the President they could lead this country into a second and much deeper recession. We must move forward; the polls indicate that 60 percent of the people are in favor of  an  increase in taxes on people making 250,000 or more.  
Obama is going to face grueling “fiscal cliff” negotiations, as GOP House members are determined not to budge on taxes.  Their allegiance is to Grover Norquist, and he is a puppet for the Koch Brothers.  The fiscal threat looms large over the American people and unless we demand the GOP controlled Congress act in accordance with the wishes of the people demonstrated by the election results, we will go over the cliff.  The election results will be rendered  moot unless the people insist that our vote was a mandate for Congress to work with this President  via negotiations and ultimately compromise.
Miami Herald

Miami Herald

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