The Great Divide By: Tara O’Grady

After the winners sweep up the confetti and the losers lick their wounds the real challenges are brought to the forefront. Election day has come and gone,  the polls have closed, the results are in, the political ads have ceased, the political pundits quieted and  Karl Rove remains in denial. 

The country is greatly divided with  a Democratic President, a Democratic controlled Senate and a Republican controlled House of Representatives.  Or in other words the status quo, a repeat of the past four years.  The balance of powers has been divided similarly in the past,yet were still able to accomplish legislation for the greater common good.  The difficulty lies in the dramatic  shift in the Republican Party itself.  Compromise does not exist within the Tea Party wing of the party.  The Tea Party Republicans are controlling, uncompromising and unyielding,  Those members do not adhere to their constituents but to a political machines and to powerful lobbyists such as, Grover Norquist, who demands blind allegiance. 
 232 of the 246  Republicans House members signed the 2011 tax pledge to never raise any taxes without exception, particularly on the rich and big business.  Norquist has received funding from many of America’s wealthiest corporations, including Phillip Morris, Exon, Microsoft and the Pfizer.. Grover Norquist cemented his influence by forging an alliance with Karl Rove and receiving financial backing from the Koch Brothers.  If any of those members break their pledge they are keenly aware of the consequences; death to their political futures.  Norquist  and his cronies will spend unlimited funds and use their political influence to assure their demise.  Norquist’s anti-tax pledge was directly responsible for the summer of 2011’s debt ceiling crisis that wrecked the nations credit rating by leading the nation to the brink of default.
If the gridlock is sustained by a congress unwilling to even begin a viable dialogue with the President they could lead this country into a second and much deeper recession. We must move forward; the polls indicate that 60 percent of the people are in favor of  an  increase in taxes on people making 250,000 or more.  
Obama is going to face grueling “fiscal cliff” negotiations, as GOP House members are determined not to budge on taxes.  Their allegiance is to Grover Norquist, and he is a puppet for the Koch Brothers.  The fiscal threat looms large over the American people and unless we demand the GOP controlled Congress act in accordance with the wishes of the people demonstrated by the election results, we will go over the cliff.  The election results will be rendered  moot unless the people insist that our vote was a mandate for Congress to work with this President  via negotiations and ultimately compromise.
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Miami Herald


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